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"Unleash your originality and craft your one-of-a-kind uniforms with us - whether through our innovative Configurator or by requesting a bespoke Super Design experience, expect nothing short of exceptional results!"

Custom Short Sleeve Rashguard

Turn the heat up by creating a one of a kind custom Long Sleeve custom rash guards. In a huge range of colours, they can be branded or customised using sublimation printing. This modern process embeds your design directly into the fabric to guarantee total freedom when customising your long sleeve shirts. The materials are engineered using FitmanPro’s trademark high filament Quick-Dri fabric technology. This works endlessly to keep you cool, dry and comfortable under any circumstances
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Technical Information | Custom Short Sleeve Rasguard

You won't regret buying custom long-sleeved sports shirts from this range. Our manufacturing ensures top-quality materials and printing that is second to none.

Garment Features

  1. ZERO see through thanks to the cross section of the yarn.
  2. Perfect fit and excellent coverage like second skin.
  3. UV protection (50+ SPF).
  4. Extremeley breathable and powerful.
  5. Circular knit construction technology with 2-way stretch.
  6. Fabric: 82% Polyester 18% Spandex.

Size Range

If you prefer a more relaxed fit garment, go for a size or two larger.

  1. Youth: 6 (XS) – 14 (XL)
  2. Women: XS – 4XL
  3. Men: 2XS – 7XL

Color Range

Rad Rainbow3 Fitman Sportswear

Through the power of sublimated printing we can print any colour, the possibilities are endless.

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Custom Sportswear

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